In our service, we recognize the importance of customer’s personal information and deal with it carefully, and promote the following activities to protect your personal information with responsibility in order to provide better service I will.

1. Compliance with laws and regulations

In this service, we will comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and other relevant laws and regulations.

2. Safety management measures

In this service, we will strictly manage your personal information and take precautionary measures and safety measures against unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification, leakage etc.

3. Internal Education

In this service, education and training on personal information protection for employees will be conducted, and the contents will be thoroughly disseminated within the organization.

4. Restriction on Third Party Provision

With this service, we will not provide / disclose your personal information to third parties without your consent, except in cases of laws or ordinances.

5. Ongoing Review of Organizational Management System

In this service, we will continuously review and improve the rules concerning the handling of personal information and the organizational structure for implementing it so that effective and appropriate operation is sustained.

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